Target Holiday Toy Catalog
Interactive, UX, Layout
Target's Holiday Toy Catalog plays a major role in year-end sales. 2012 marked the most ambitious catalog to date. Aiming to make the interactive catalog exciting for kids, we included wish-list functionality, social media integration, animated introductions, and most importantly an easy to use interface. I worked to turn lists of toys into an exciting and vibrant experience. I was responsible for designing page templates that would expedite development, using these layouts to design visually engaging pages for guests and working with the team in NY who provided the holiday style guide and key assets. Working along side an art director, I also helped manage photography, design interface elements & functionality, address any accessibility concerns, and set up presentations. The video below shows some of the basic functionality and page layout of the catalog. The final result was an indexed scrolling experience over 100 pages long. Video courtesy of Target Creative.